Our Vehicles

ITT TRANSPORT LTD have delivery vehicles that can cater for any shape or size of package.

Small Van (2㎥)

Length: 1.5m, Width: 1.2m, Height: 1.1m
1 x Pallet 350kg

Short Wheel Base (4㎥)

Length: 2m, Width: 1.2m, Height: 1.3m
2 x Pallets 800-1000kg

Long Wheel Base (10㎥)

Length: 3.0m, Width: 1.2m, Height: 1.7m
3 x Pallets 1200-1400kg

4 Metre Sprinter (13㎥)

Length: 4.2m, Width: 1.25m, Height: 1.75m
4 x Pallets 1250kg

Luton Van (16㎥)

Length: 4.0m, Width: 2.0m, Height: 1.85m
4 x Pallets 700-1000kg

7.5 Tonne (30㎥)

Length: 6.0m, Width: 2.3m, Height: 2.2m
10 x Pallets 1900kg-2800kg